List of SEO Stop Words ignored by search engines

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When looking at the keyword density of a web page you will undoubtedly come across common words which make up sentences such as “and, or, is, in” and etc. Search engines call these Stop Words, they are words that are considered junk to search engines and don’t really make any sense to be counted or referenced in any way to a search. Our Keyword Density Checker has the option to ignore these Stop Words when calculating and displaying your keyword density, so that only keywords relevant to search engines are listed and calculated.

It is also commonly advised not to use Stop Words in your links/slugs.


Why are these words ignored?

consider the following sentence:

“I want to buy a ticket to benidorm and party all night!”

A search engine doesn’t need all the Stop Words, it can simply interpret the text as:

“buy ticket benidorm party night”

The search engine doesn’t need to waste space keeping the whole sentence because from the above text it can do everything it needs to show relevant results to searchers.

Of course in the era of natural language and AI learning, this doesn’t mean don’t construct meaningful content that is natural and readable, but this illustrates just one reason why we don’t count or show statistics for Stop Words in our tools.


List of Stop Words

Below is a comprehensive list of all Stop Words we have in our database that will get stripped from our calculations.


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Author: Dean Williams