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Our QR Code Generator will enable you to quickly and easily generate QR Images on-line with little effort, you can define the resulting image size. Our QR Image Generator allows you to generate QR codes that when scanned can do a number of things:

  • Bring up text on the device.
  • Open a URL to a website.
  • Open up the users email program with ability to set email, subject and body text.
  • Open up the users call app to call a number.
  • Open up the users text messaging app to send a text to a number.
  • Open up skype to make a skype call.
  • provide a full business card of information.

You can use the Text / URL QR code generator for free, however you will need at least a Standard account subscription to use any of the other generators, or generate QR’s above 100px x 100px in size.

Text / URL:

Width & Height (ie. 100x100):
Phone Number (Unformatted ie. 01543578144):

Width & Height (ie. 100x100):
SMS Phone Number (Unformatted ie. 01543578144):

Width & Height (ie. 100x100):
E-Mail Address:

E-Mail Subject (Optional):

E-Mail Body (Optional):

Width & Height (ie. 100x100):
Skype Username:

Width & Height (ie. 100x100):
Coming Soon...

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