WordPress Admin Login Generator

This tool will assist in helping you generate the required SQL so that you can effortlessly create a new admin login for a WordPress website – useful when you have access to a WordPress sites database but not to the admin panel itself.

This tool is NOT for hacking, and exists purely for developers such as myself that get Database access to a site and need to create, insert and login to the WordPress admin panel associated with the database.

Step 1

Enter the login details you wish to use and click continue to get the SQL.

WordPress Username:
WordPress Password:

WordPress E-Mail:
Table Prefix:


Generating WordPress Admin SQL

It can be a real pain when a client provides you with server/MySQL access to a WordPress website, but don’t provide the required admin login for you to access the WordPress admin panel. Furthermore it then becomes an issue creating your own login via MySQL due to how the WordPress database works.

This tool takes you step by step through a process of generating the required SQL statements for you to run on the database, which makes the process of creating your own administrator login effortless.

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