Bulk Redirect Chain Checker – 301 / 302

This tool will check a list of urls one by one and provide a 30x (301,302,307,308) redirect chain report, this includes the redirect header code and destination urls for each redirect in the chain. Our tool can check up to 100 urls and a redirect depth of 10 per url. If you’re working with a particularly ridiculous amount of problematic urls or redirects then our tool can help you discover and rectify your redirect chains.

This is important because google recommends that you do not have chain redirects, of course this is unavoidable in some situations such as when utilizing HSTS which takes redirects from http to https out of your hands, so if a link points to an http page that HSTS forces to https but was wrong in the first place you can only possibly have a minimum of 2 redirects. Basically you should always aim for the least amount of redirects possible.

Result Key

As the tool gives you results, you will notice that it gives you a badge next to the Redirect Count GOOD, WARN and DANGER are explained below:

GOOD – There is only 1 redirect! Fantastic!
WARN – There is 2 redirects, but one of them is from http to https (Check if you have HSTS if you do, this cannot be helped).
DANGER – There is 2 or more redirects – try and reduce them!

Usage Instructions

  1. Enter a list of urls into the textarea above, one url per line.
  2. Click “Analyse URLs”
  3. Results are provided per url, with the start url on the left and a list of each redirect location on the right with redirect header code.
  4. Try to minimize the redirects!


Insert URLs (one per line)

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