Bulk SSL Validator Online

Checking the validity of many SSL certificates can be a pain, especially if you are a webhost with many client sites to look after.

Our Bulk SSL Validator can take a list of domain names and report back whether a site has an SSL, whether or not that SSL is valid, the issuer of the SSL and how many days that SSL has left before it expires.

You can also filter the resulting report and export the report in CSV format.

Filters Key

There are various filters that can filter your list once the operation has completed, these are explained below:

GOOD – There is an SSL and it has more than 14 days left before renewal.
WARN – There is an SSL but with less than 14 days left before renewal.
DANGER – There is no SSL or SSL expired, or will expire in less than 3 days.


Insert DOMAINs (one per line)

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