Favicon & PWA Generator

Our Favicon & PWA Generator will handle the full generation and setup of your website Favicon, with included PWA tags to setup nice icons for Android, MacOS and Windows icons – various settings and previews are shown for each platform so you can change the colours of the respective UI elements.

This tool can also generate an offline service-worker so that you can pass a full Lighthouse PWA test – for subscribed customers only.

Generate Favicon & PWA - Step 1

Favicon / PWA App Details:

Website Name:

Website URL:
Full URL including protocol, ie. https://resplace.com

Small Icon Image (JPG or PNG ):
(Optional) provide an equal width/height image of at least 96x96 pixels.

Larger Icon Image (JPG or PNG ):
provide an equal width/height image of at least 192x192 pixels.

PWA Offline Service Worker Details:

Offline File Type:
PHP or HTML, if you select NONE no service-worker.js or offline file will be in the ZIP.

Site Logo Image (JPG or PNG):
Provide a copy of your main site logo in exact dimensions displayed on your site.

Offline Message:
The message you want to display to users who hit the offline service worker page.


What is a Favicon?

A favicon is a small image that appears in a users tab or window while they are visiting your website and also is used in history and bookmark lists, it is a way of allowing a user to identify your site easily from such locations, more recently a favicon is also used on mobile devices when a website or webpage is saved to their home screens or when installed as a Progressive Web App (PWA).


What is PWA?

PWA stands for Progressive Web App, it allows a website to be installed onto a phone like it is a normal app, but is instead an embedded browser that lets you browse a website inside a contained app interface.

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