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You can extract all keywords and check the keyword density of any webpage URL or from any block of content. Simply enter the text or a list of webpage URLs below and our tool will pull out all unique keywords and display the frequency they are being used. Our tool will also ignore any common / worthless keywords known by search engines as stop words.

This is extremely useful for identifying and improving keyword usage on your website, or even to compare keyword usage between your pages and a competitors.

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Is keyword density important for Google?

It is an important thing to know what keywords are most used on your pages, however Google is much more sophisticated than they was 10 years ago. The search engine works more on natural language based algorithms that decide what pages on the internet are most useful to the search and the customer searching. So although this tool is useful, you should always craft precise, useful and relevant content for each page you wish to rank and attract ranking from Google.

What is keyword density?

Keyword density is a percentage which is calculated from the number of times a keyword appears in the content divided by the total word count. This gives you a good idea of the keyword density / frequency which is a pretty good indicator of the main focus keywords of the content – the most important keywords should appear more frequently than less important keywords relevant to your pages focus.

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